On-Demand Human Capital

Challenges in the candidate-driven market
Remote Work

How to successfully implement it?
How to efficiently run a remote workforce team with good productivity?

Knowledge / Skill Gap

Does this candidate have all the required skills for this project?
How the gaps are addressed on an ongoing basis?

Project / Culture Fit

Is this candidate fit for the project given the dearth of quality talent?
Is their attitude in line with the project team's culture?


Is the talent dedicated to my project?
How to assess the status of the tasks assigned for their completeness remotely?

Our Solution

Paripoorna solves the above challenges with a blend of technology and human capital, and that's how we delight our customers.
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Centre of Excellence

Our Technical Team guides the talent in handling challenging scenarios and provides continuous training from a skill upgrade context


Our workforce is driven by Engagement Managers focused on enabling the team members to seamlessly fit into the Project Team's culture


Keeping things explicit right from the initial discussion, scrum calls, everyday plan, and status calls which will be mentored by Engagement Managers

Project Bridge

Stay always connected model, where project groups are created on Teams and they collaborate in an always-on mode

Tools and Technologies

We offer tech talent capable of resolving all of your digital challenges using the best industry tools and processes.


React, Angular, Vue, Ionic, Node, Express


Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform


MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, MS-SQL, Cassandra, SQLite, Redis, Firestore, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL

Low-Code Tools

Microsoft Power Apps and Automate, Retool

Frameworks / Language

Java / J2EE, Microsoft.NET

Tech Talent

People are what drive a company’s competitive advantage and results, and we provide a remote workforce in just one phone call

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