Data Analytics and Visualization using Power BI and Azure data factory for an auto manufacturing giant.


  • No insights on the raw data was available to take informed decisions.
  • The manual report generation for different users was very time consuming.
  • The reports could not be changed on the fly.
  • What-if analysis on the data couldn’t be performed on the raw data.

Our Solution

  • We set up Data warehouse using Azure SQL Database.
  • Using Azure data factory the raw data was modelled and processed.
  • This data was ingested into power BI using direct-query to ensure up-to-date data was always reflected in the report.
  • We created various Dashboards and Reports to visualize the raw data based on different user perspective.
  • With Power BI, user was able to use natural language to query their data and get business insights and take informed decisions.


  • By using Power BI, the client was able to visualize the data and analyze it to draw profound insights.
  • Generation real-time reports made available for taking key strategic decisions.
  • Analysis of the raw data helped the client understand their business on a micro-level and take necessary actions.
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