Digital Portal for managing COVID 19 Testing for a leading Healthcare company in the USA.


  • One-stop solution for getting COVID testing prior to travel.
  • Automation of results from Labs to Customer and Airlines for seamless boarding.
  • Integration with 3rd party Health Passport Apps.
  • Ability to expand business solution to other tests (Non-COVID).

Our Solution

  • Online portal enabling Airline passengers to get COVID-19 tests at multiple locations.
  • Integrating Laboratory Information Systems with online portal for Lab Testing and Results.
  • Payment Gateway integration for taking up Standard and Rapid Tests & Health Passports for PASS Integration.


55,000 monthly tests with 98-99% Accuracy

The online form enabled the company to ramp-up its scale to 55,000 tests per month

$22.4M (approx.) Annual Revenue Generation
The company was launched in 2020 amidst pandemic outbreak, and has been successful to generate $22.4M
493% Increase in Employee Strength
Rapid expansion leading to presently 100 (approx.) employees.
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